Review: Sailors Spice & Sailors Coconut (Discontinued)

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I finally got around to finishing off my Sailor’s Spice Caribbean Rum and Sailors Coconut Caribbean Rum. I didn’t realize exactly how long I’ve had these two bottles until I started researching the brand. Apparently William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd. killed this brand two years ago (about the same time it start distributing Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum)…yikes! These two bottles got shoved to the back of my cabinets for a reason…neither are any good. That could also explain why the brand is no longer around; just a guess.

Sailors Spice Caribbean Rum:

Its light golden color appears very watered down. The initial nose had a strong caramel tone with a light alcohol note but it disappeared quickly leaving a musky, skunky, burnt oil smell. Drinking it straight reveals a very peppery, vanilla flavor. Over ice the burnt oil aroma was less noticeable and the peppery/vanilla remain. I didn’t have my normal Coke Zero so I subbed Diet Coke. Yuck! I literally wrote “Oh, bad! Yuck!” upon tasting this. I can see why this Rum was pulled. It has a horrible skunky, crude oil smell. It retains it’s peppery flavor and peppery linger but the smell is awful. Nothing good here…2 of 10.

Original Sailors Coconut Caribbean Rum:

This clear spirit maintains a light coconut, light peppery aroma with a slight alcohol hint. Drinking this straight reveals a candy sweetness with a nice, light coconut remain. This RUM is so sweet it tastes like a liqueur. I was hoping ice would settle this RUM but it still is extremely sweet and sugary with only a slight hint of coconut flavor. Lastly, with Diet Coke, this RUM is completely lost. For the first time during a tasting I dumped my drink out because there was no reason to keep drinking this rum.

3.5 of 10

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