St. Lucia Distillers offer stackable rums


When traveling abroad I always seem to find more rums I want to bring home than space or money allows. St. Lucia Distillers has come up with an interesting way to send travelers home with a variety of their rums.

They offer tourists three different, three-rum combinations that stack together to form a 750ml bottle. Vacationers can take home their two 750ml duty-free limit but sample six St. Lucia Distillers rums or rum creams.



A unique and attractive three-in-one package. Stackables come in three formats:

Gold Rums:

– Bounty
– Chairman’s Reserve
– Kweyol Spice

White Rums:

– Crystal Lime
– Marigot Coconut Rum
– Crystal


– Seventh Heaven (Ginger)
– Orange Bliss (Orange)
– Cacao Creole (Chocolate)

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