Stillwagon Distillery: Seven Devils Rum coming soon to Charleston, OR

South Coast to see new rum distillery

By Angelica Carrillo Published: Sep 5, 2013

CHARLESTON, Ore. — There may soon be a new distillery up and running in Charleston, but this one won’t be brewing beer.

The owner hopes to open a run distillery by December.

Rick Stillwagon said he got into the business by accident when he was working on purifying water for Koi fish.

All Stillwagon Distillery is waiting for right now is the government to approve his labels to start selling to the public.

Stillwagon said the company will start with rum, then later add whiskey and brandy.

All the other licensing is approved, he said.

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  1. Rick Stillwagon
    Rick Stillwagon at |

    We have come along a bit since your post. We have 5 rums available now: White, Wicked, Gold, Spiced, and our new Black Spiced. Our brand is “The Devil’s Own.” We decided against Seven Devils as there is a rum already with that brand name. Our tasting room is open now as well. There is a great deal more information on our facebook page if you are curious. I post everything there.

    Thank you for your support,



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