Uncharted: Bushtea Spiced Rum

What are “Uncharted Rums”? These are rums I have not yet had the pleasure of reviewing. This is my way to highlight and promote great rums from around the world that might be unfamiliar to most rum shoppers. So until I am able to review each of these rums they shall remain “Uncharted” to me.

BushteaSpiceRum_004 British Island Rum Co. has released Bushtea Spiced Rum. Not much information about Bushtea Spiced Rum has been released other a few flavor notes and than its creation was inspired by traditional Caribbean bush teas.

Traditional bush tea are produced from dried leaves and twigs of various shrubs. The drinks are intended to treat medical conditions or to maintain good health.

Produced in copper pot stills in England, Bushtea Spiced Rum is bottled at 42% ABV (84 Proof) and has is a vibrant infusion of spicy ginger, citrus and hibiscus.

Bushtea Spiced Rum is currently available to order from MasterOfMalt.com in either 700ML or a 30ml sample.

Bushtea Spiced Rum
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