Video: California Rum Festival 2015 Aftermath Video

The 1st California Rum Festival was hosted in San Francisco, CA a few weeks ago. The Rum Lab has posted a wrap-up video sharing some of the sights and sounds. Glad to see it was a success.

California Rum Festival 2015 Aftermath Video

San Francisco was the host of the 1st California Rum Festival presented by Reál Ingredients, Angostura Bitters, and all the amazing world class rums such as: Diplomático , Bacardi, Plantation Rums, Papa's Pilar, Kōloa Rum Company, Pusser's Rum, Four Square Rum Distillery, Ron Brugal, Blue Chair Bay Rum, Ron Cartavio, Ron Duran, Mezan Rum, STROH Austria Rum, Don Q , Caliche Rum , Ron Zacapa, House of Angostura Rum, Rhum Clément , Rhum Damoiseau, Rhum JM, The Real McCoy Rum and Banks Rums. Plus thanks to the amazing sponsors, speaker and collaborators: Ian Burrell, Richard Seale, Nicholas Feris, H. Joseph Ehrmann, Dean Serneels, Tiki Diablo, First Aid Shot Therapy, Sfweekly BIN Magazine and more..

Posted by The Rum Lab on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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