Exposición Panamá-Pacific Rum

Panamá-Pacific Rum Launches In USA

From Haas-Brothers.com:

Panamá-Pacific Rum is honored by its origin, the Republic of Panamá. The isthmus country, of tropical forests and two seas, is home to an extraordinary rum tradition rich in complexity and mastery of craft. From renowned spirits, special selections are made for one of California’s oldest companies, Haas Brothers, to share Panamá’s splendor with the world.

 Panamá-Pacific 9 year and 23 year

Beginning with estate-grown sugarcane from the famed Panameño growing region of La Provincia de Herrera, small batches of molasses are fermented using special proprietary yeast strains. The fragrant cane mash is then distilled in antique copper stills to concentrate flavors and remove impurities, before being rested in American oak casks to develop our beautiful aromas, textures and flavors. Cask aging also imparts Panamá-Pacific Rum’s natural amber hues, which deepen as the spirit matures and mellows. Maintaining a delicious complexity and flavor, we don’t chill-filter, and we never add caramel nor artificial flavoring.

Celebrating the completion of the Panama Canal and the rebuilding of post-earthquake San Francisco, the Gold Rush City hosted the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition one hundred years ago. Haas Brothers commemorates Panamá’s and San Francisco’s spirit of achievement with these outstanding rum offerings in 9-year and 23-year expressions. ¡Salud!

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