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Dutch Harbor Breeze Grog

On my recent trip to Key West, FL, I came across the guys from Ye Ol’ Grog Distillery out of St. Helens, OR. They had a small tiki bar setup on the street and were doing quick grog tastings for adventurous bystanders. They quickly pitched their Good Morning Glory Grog and Dutch Harbor Breeze Grog. I cannot quite remember but I am pretty sure they were telling tasters that this was actually a rum that, to this taster, had little taste/aroma resemblance to rum.

While I didn’t take tasting notes while sampling, after all I was standing on the side of Duval Street, I remember that the Good Morning Glory Grog was a 70 proof, lightly amber-colored, extremely sweet alcohol. I was surprised that the pitchman made a point to explain that it tasted like Life Savers candy. Not a favorite flavor I prefer in my alcohol.

The 100 proof Dutch Harbor Breeze Grog, was a much stronger, heavily sarsaparilla-flavored alcohol that reminded me of an overtly-alcoholic root beer/sarsaparilla drink.

The distiller recommends these as a rum substitute or poured over root beer, cola or Dr. Pepper. It’s my opinion that pouring these over soft drinks would make the drink too sweet to be enjoyable. Instead, I would recommend that you try adding maybe a .5 ounce of either of these two to your favorite cocktail. They could add a different kick than what you’re palette has become accustomed to.

Ye Ol’ Grog Distillery describes their offerings as such:

Good Morning Glory Grog:

– 70 proof
– Sweetened with Blue Agave Nectar
– Flavored with 4 different natural flavors (wonder which ones?)

Flavor Profile:

– Sweet, but not syrupy, cany flavor with an overtone of butterscotch and a slight undertone of cinnamon with hints of citrus


– Sweet, buttery odor that is reminiscent of a Lifesaver candy at Christmas time.

Excellent replacement for rum in most cocktails.

Duch Harbor Breeze Grog:

– 100 proof
– Aged with oak and cinnamon (sticks?)
– Sweetened with Blue Agave Nectar
– Flavored with 6 different natural flavors (wonder which ones?)

Flavor Profile:

– Strong, natural cinnamon flavor from the addition of cinnamon sticks during the aging process, with additional characteristics of oak, sassafras, vanilla, caramel, and citrus.


– Sweet, old fashioned rootbeer from the fountain…with a kick.

Best served over ice

Also, excellent when mixed with root beer, Dr. Pepper, Coke, or other soft drinks.

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